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May 13, 2022

WordPress has recently begun to introduce the concept of Full Site Editing. This allows building every part of your site using blocks when you use a compatible block theme.

Translating Full Site Editing Content

Full Site Editing is WordPress’s long-term vision for building sites, expanding the block editor to eventually be able to build headers, footers, widgets, templates, and more.

Because WPML has already been compatible with the Gutenberg block editor since it was first introduced, you can count on WPML to be fully compatible with Full Site Editing.

Read more about translating content created using the Gutenberg Editor.

Translating Full Site Editing Templates

WordPress 5.9 introduced templates to Full Site Editing. These templates come from one of the compatible block themes. You can access your site’s templates by going to Appearance → Editor and clicking the WordPress logo in the upper left corner.

The list of templates shipped with the Twenty Twenty-Two theme

How you translate your Full Site Editing templates depends on if you are using them “out of the box,” or if you have customized them.

Translating Unedited, Default Templates

You can translate any of these default themes using WPML’s String Translation. To register the strings for translation, go to WPMLTheme and Plugins Localization, and scan your theme for strings.

Scanning a block theme for template strings

After scanning your theme, go to WPMLString Translation and search for the text you want to translate. Then, click the plus sign to add your translations.

Translating the 404 template

Translating an Edited, Customized Template

You can also customize and even create new templates. Changes you make to a template apply to any page or post assigned to it.

Editing a template

Once you edit a template and save it, those changes are saved to your site’s database. This means that to translate an edited template, you can do so by going to WPMLTranslation Management. Choose the Template post type from the dropdown menu, and choose which templates you would like to translate.

Translating an edited template using Translation Management

Just like with any other post type, you can choose to translate it yourself, assign it to a translator, or send it to a professional translation service. You can even translate your templates automatically using Translate Everything mode.